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Contact Information

UCF Card Services
104 Aquarius Agora Dr.
Orlando, FL 32816-0056

John T. Washington Center
Across from the UCF Bookstore
Room #104 | Phone: 407-823-2100

Hours of Operation:

Monday 8 am to 6 pm
Tuesday – Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

Housing Move-In Weekend Hours

(6/22-6/23) & (8/17-8/18) 9 am to 4 pm

We will be closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day Monday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday Monday, January 15
  • Memorial Day, Monday, May 27
  • Independence Day, Thursday, July 4
  • Labor Day Monday, September 2
  • Veterans Day Monday, November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28
  • Day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 29
  • Christmas Wednesday, December 25

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Will my UCF ID be updated with my new photo?

Not unless you print out an updated card or badge. Note that while updating your Workday photo is complimentary, printing out an updated card or badge may incur a cost. Click here for card replacement fees.

Where do I go to update my Workday photo?

When is the best time to visit the UCF Card office to update my photo?

We are best equipped to handle photo updates during these windows:

  • After the last final on finals week until the start of Summer B Semester (typically early May until Mid-June)
  • The week before the start of the Spring Semester (typically the first week of January)

When can I start using the amenities that the UCF Card provides, such as the Rec &Wellness Center or SGA Ticket Center?

All amenities that students get access to through their UCF Card are immediately accessible at the start of the semester you are currently enrolled in.

If there are any Academic, Financial or Health related holds on your MyUCF Account this may impact your ability to use the various services around campus.

What should I do if my card isn’t working?

Bring your UCF Card to the card office and our staff will promptly assess the situation. After assessment they will see if it’s possible to re-magnetize your magnetic stripe, located on the back of your card, for free. If this doesn’t work then you will be required to pay a $15 replacement fee for a new card.

What is the minimum deposit amount students, faculty, and staff can make?

The minimum deposit amount is set at $5 on all deposits made by credit card. However, cash transactions made at the Loaders & Kiosks will accept $1 minimum deposits.

What is Knight Cash?

Knight Cash is one of the most convenient payment methods to use at UCF. There are three convenient and secure ways to add Knight Cash to your UCF Card (Online, at the Card Office, and Loader Kiosks). Knight Cash can be used to pay for everything on campus from laundry and vending machines to food vendors and Health Center co-pays.

There are only three limitations to Knight Cash, it can’t be used to pay for tuition, housing fees, or dining memberships. There is no minimum balance for Knight Cash, while the maximum limit is $5,000. Family members as well as students can add Knight Cash to their account at any time.

No fees are associated with Knight Cash and all balances roll over from semester to semester and year to year.

Monitoring transactions or freezing your account is quick and simple with the Online Account Manager:

What if I lose my card or find someone else’s card?

If you lose your UCF Card, you can freeze your Knight Cash account using your Online Account Manager to ensure it is not misused. Every vendor is contractually obligated to visually confirm that the photo on the card matches the individual that is presenting it at the time of purchase. Any transaction occurring due to the vendor not checking the photo, will be covered by them. There is a $15 replacement fee every time you replace your ID. Since your Knight Cash is linked to the Online Account, it will remain protected and will be available on your replacement card.

If you find a UCF Card, please drop it off at the UCF Card Services office in the John T. Washington Center as soon as possible to ensure the cardholder does not pay the $15 replacement fee. We will contact the cardholder to let them know we are holding their card. If you can’t drop it off immediately, please call 407-823-2100 and we will inform the cardholder when they can stop by and pick it up.

What happens if I let someone else use my UCF Card?

This is a matter of integrity. Being a member of the UCF community and possessing a UCF Card, which allows you access to all of the student amenities, is a privilege. Your UCF Card is for your use only. Any unauthorized use of your UCF Card will result in it being confiscated, all parties being questioned, and possible penalties.

For more information review the UCF Golden Rule Before you can be issued a replacement UCF Card you will have to obtain a form from the Office of Student Conduct These forms must be signed in the Card Office.

What do I need to know about my replacement UCF Card?

Your replacement card will take between 30-40 minutes to update. Knight Cash funds will automatically transfer over to your new card. Any Meal Plan that is linked to your card will have to be manually updated by Dining Services. Building/ Residence Hall door access that is connected to your card will have to be updated (“Re-Keyed”) to reflect your new card number.

To re-key your UCF Card simply talk to your RA or visit Key Services in Neptune 159 (407-823-1239). For more questions please refer to the Housing website:

Is there a way for my UCF Card to reflect my current academic status rather than just a generic Student such as Freshman, Senior, Masters, PhD etc.?

No, all UCF students will receive the same “Student” status. Otherwise, you would need to replace your card each year as your status changes.

Is the Knight Cash web transaction secure?

Yes. The online Knight Cash transaction is conducted via a secure server and your data is encrypted during transmission. You can be assured that your information is protected.

Is my card safe with my phone while wireless charging?

Don’t keep your card with your phone while charging on a wireless charger. Doing so may damage your card, which will require replacement.

If I am a Valencia Downtown student, what do I need to know to get a card?

Valencia students should know their V#. The V# can be found by doing the following steps:

1. Log into Atlas
2. Click on the My Atlas Tab
3. Under Atlas Tools, click show VID#. This is found in middle of the page.

I’m currently a full time student and a part time staff member at UCF, is it possible to have two ID cards to reflect both statuses?

No, you can only have one active UCF Card at a time. In most cases your “Student” status will override your “Staff” or “Faculty” status on cards as long as you’re paying your tuition. If you take a semester off and decide to work on campus that same semester, you’re considered a staff or faculty member and not a student since you are not paying tuition or taking classes. Unless you’re informed otherwise by your employer, you do not need to purchase or update to a new UCF Card for the summer session.

In the event you use the University paid voucher for your tuition, your card will reflect your “Staff” or “Faculty” status only. The voucher covers the cost of tuition only and does not pay other student fees.

I’m a parent, how do I add money without the Online Account password?

You do not need your student’s Online Account password to add money to the Knight Cash account.  Select the ‘Parents’ option, then enter their NID (Network ID) and Last Name and click the ‘OK’ button.

You will be able to add funds but will not have access to view transactions or balances.

I went to the Online Knight Cash manager through the UCF Card website and under my Knight Cash accounts it states I have $2.00 for SGA Printing – what is that for?

As a courtesy, SGA provides every student with $2.00 allowance a week for “Free Printing”. These funds do not “roll over” and are replenished each Sunday evening bringing your total allowance back up to the $2.00 amount. For printing costs and issues with SGA Printing funds please refer to the SGA website:

I legally changed my last name; can I get a new UCF Card that reflects this change?

Yes, first you must fill out the proper paper work with the Registrar’s Office in Millican Hall. This can take up to 24 hours to be processed in the system before the change will be made to your account.

Afterwards, come into the UCF Card office with your old UCF Card containing your previous last name as well as another form of updated identification reflecting your name change, such as a driver’s license. We can then swap your UCF Card out with an updated card with the correct changes.

I just got my UCF ID card and I’m seeing all this vague information on it, what does it all mean?

At the very top of your UCF Card you will see your first and last name as it is on file with UCF. Under this on the left you’ll also see your photo taken at the Card Office with your card’s expiration date.

Every UCF Card expires 6 years from the day you received it. On the right you’ll see the Knight Cash logo followed by a 16 digit number 60092102xxxxxxxx – this is your Individual ISO number which is your personalized card number. Next is your library number (abbreviated LIB) which the Library uses to allow you access to the services they provide. Finally, you’ll see your personal UCF ID number as well as your status with the University (Student, Staff, Faculty, etc).

I found my old UCF Card, is there any way to re-activate it if it’s been replaced?

No, once you replace your lost UCF Card, any previous cards you have are de-activated and cannot be re-activated. If you find any old UCF Cards, simply hand them in to the card office so our staff can properly dispose of them for you. Be advised that if you try to use an old/de-activated card, it will be confiscated.

All UCF Cards expire exactly six years from the time they are issued. If your card is not expired but is worn/ damaged/ has an outdated design, the replacement fee will be $15. The only time you’re eligible for a free card is when your UCF Card is expired or you have a name or status change. In this case you MUST bring in your old card to swap it out; otherwise you are required to pay $15.

I am opening a UCF Student Checking account with Fairwinds Credit Union and want to link it to my UCF Card. What should I do?

Bring your current UCF Card to the Fairwinds Credit Union branch in the John T. Washington Center and they will connect it to your student bank account.

How often can I update my photo?

To keep this service complimentary, photos can be updated no more than once annually.

How much does it cost to update my photo?

There is currently no cost to update your photo.

How do I add funds to a departmental copy card?

Finance & Accounting has approved the use of PCards for adding funds to departmental copy cards via the Online Account Manager or obtain a printed receipt from Kiosks and Loaders.

Users must be sure to print out the online confirmation when using the Online Account Manager or obtain a printed receipt from Kiosks and Loaders for backup documentation to Finance & Accounting.

Do Veterans, Retirees or Alumni get special cards?

Yes! All Veterans receive a special Veterans logo on the bottom right of their UCF Card to signify their Veteran status as long as the proper paper work is filled out with the university. For more details go to the Veterans Academic Resource Center (VARC) website here:

Staff or Faculty members who are retired receive a “Retired” UCF Card to use on campus for services such as the library and UCF merchandise discounts. For more details visit the Human Resources website:

Card Services does not issue Alumni Cards. The UCF Alumni Office issues a special Keycard which grants them access to a multitude of events and benefits. For more details about the Alumni Key Card refer to the UCF Alumni Website here:

Do the funds in my Knight Cash Account Expire? Can I get a refund if I leave the University?

Funds added to the UCF Card do not expire, however, if the amount is $10.00 or less, we recommend spending the remaining balance before leaving the University. Small amounts are ideal for use in vending machines, to purchase food, or in the UCF Bookstore, etc.

If you have a balance over $10.00 and are graduating or withdrawing from the University, you can request a refund. Students requesting refunds should fill out the Knight Cash refund request form.

Student Accounts will issue refunds via a check made payable to the cardholder that will be mailed to the student’s permanent home address on record with the University. A refund may also be issued via direct deposit into your bank account if it was set up for financial aid while attending UCF.

If you do not request a refund and there is no account activity for twelve (12) consecutive months, your account will be considered inactive. A $5 monthly inactivity fee will be assessed until 1) the account becomes active or 2) the account balance is reduced to zero and/or the account is closed.

Can I update my photo on my own, without visiting a UCF Card location?

We are looking into options for self-updating photos, however, currently the only way to update your photo is by visiting any UCF Card Location.

Can I punch a hole in my UCF Card so I can attach it to a key ring?

We advise against punching holes or tampering with the UCF Card in any way. Any modification to the card may result in it becoming damaged. All damaged cards are the sole responsibility of the cardholder and will cost $15 to replace.

Our office advises that you keep your UCF Card in the protective sleeve we provide you to minimize the chances of damaging or de-magnetizing your card. The card office sells lanyards to further protect your card from damage and becoming lost.

Can I have my ID Card mailed to me?

Fill out this form to have the ID mailed to you. There are additional charges for mailing.

Are there any restrictions on what I can wear for my photo?

When having your ID photo taken please note that all bandanas, hats, sunglasses, visors, etc. must be removed before your picture is taken. The only exceptions to this are items worn for cultural or religious purposes. i.e. Also, no funny faces. We only accept Smiles or Neutral Faces in headshot photos.