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If you lose your UCF Card, you can freeze your Knight Cash account using your Online Account Manager to ensure it is not misused. Every vendor is contractually obligated to visually confirm that the photo on the card matches the individual that is presenting it at the time of purchase. Any transaction occurring due to the vendor not checking the photo, will be covered by them. There is a $15 replacement fee every time you replace your ID. Since your Knight Cash is linked to the Online Account, it will remain protected and will be available on your replacement card.

If you find a UCF Card, please drop it off at the UCF Card Services office in the John T. Washington Center as soon as possible to ensure the cardholder does not pay the $15 replacement fee. We will contact the cardholder to let them know we are holding their card. If you can’t drop it off immediately, please call 407-823-2100 and we will inform the cardholder when they can stop by and pick it up.