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Funds added to the UCF Card do not expire, however, if the amount is $10.00 or less, we recommend spending the remaining balance before leaving the University. Small amounts are ideal for use in vending machines, to purchase food, or in the UCF Bookstore, etc.

If you have a balance over $10.00 and are graduating or withdrawing from the University, you can request a refund. Students requesting refunds should fill out the Knight Cash refund request form.

Student Accounts will issue refunds via a check made payable to the cardholder that will be mailed to the student’s permanent home address on record with the University. A refund may also be issued via direct deposit into your bank account if it was set up for financial aid while attending UCF.

If you do not request a refund and there is no account activity for twelve (12) consecutive months, your account will be considered inactive. A $5 monthly inactivity fee will be assessed until 1) the account becomes active or 2) the account balance is reduced to zero and/or the account is closed.